GUC Undergraduate Students

Activity Weeks, Mid Year Recess and Academic Summer Courses

Organized in close collaboration between GUC academics, German partners and the GUC team in Germany, we announce these activities through the GUC email system. Most of the activities take place in Ulm, Berlin and Stuttgart. The courses and workshops contain excursions and leisure activities.

The summer language courses during the summer break last one month and contain language classes, excursions and cultural events. The announcement is run directly through the GUC German Center. Each year, there is one DAAD German language course; top ranked students are eligible for a DAAD scholarship.

Joint Mechatronic Semester Program with Hochschule Ulm

Based on the international programs of Hochschule Ulm, we offer an exchange opportunity tailored for 5th semester students of GUC Mechatronics. It runs from September to January each year in Ulm, all courses are fully transferrable to the GUC Mechatronics curriculum. Participants enroll at Hochschule Ulm as visiting students during the program. Academic excursions and optional language courses are part of the program as well. Announcement to eligible 4th semester students is send in spring each year. Application is through GUC Student Affairs, selection of students takes place in close cooperation between Hochschule Ulm and GUC.

Bachelor Thesis

Each year GUC’s high ranked Engineering, Business Informatics and Architecture students get the opportunity to do their bachelor project at a German partner university in their 8th semester. The minimum GPA is 2.5. The bachelor project lasts three months and there is usually an internship of one to three months at the same institute to prepare the bachelor project. The available time-frame is each year from February until August.

Available topic are usually announced to eligible 7th semester students in autumn, who can hand in their application for several preferred topics. GUC forwards the applications to the German partners for acceptance. If accepted GUC students start their travel preparations.

Alternatively, GUC students can also look for thesis supervisors individually by applying directly to professors. If accepted they have to submit their invitation and topic proposal to GUC.

GUC usually awards bachelor thesis scholarships to the top ranked students for their stay in abroad.