Why study at the GUC?

A study stay at the GUC with Erasmus+ enables students to broaden their social and cultural skills and improve their career prospects. They get to know the academic system of a foreign university as well as its teaching and learning methods.

Advantages of studying abroad:

  • Academic recognition of academic achievements abroad;
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host university;
  • Support for additional costs incurred abroad through a scholarship (one-time travel allowance of 360 €, monthly scholarship of 700 €):
  • Support in preparation (cultural, linguistic, organizational);
  • Special grants for students with children and for students with disabilities.

Studying at GUC allows you to become part of:

  • a high quality study program
  • at a renowned university
  • with highly qualified teaching staff
  • in English language
  • in a country rich in tradition with numerous world heritage cities.

 A stay at the GUC is also advantageous for your career:

  • You acquire solid professional knowledge,
  • You will stand out from the rest with a special experience abroad, and
  • You gain invaluable experience in the Arabic world, which will open doors in the job market.