After Being Accepted

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, the respective documents “Declaration of Acceptance” & “Guidelines” will be issued by the responsible GUC project coordinator at Ulm, Stuttgart or Tübingen.

After scans of the signed scholarship documents are received by the coordinators, the scholarship award will be sent to the funded students. It is essential to check these documents for correctness of your personal information and the indicated scholarship period. If the scholarship period and/or other details need to be changed, you must instantly inform the responsible coordinator. You have to arrive on time and start the scholarship on the indicated date. Please be aware that you might need some days to settle in before the start. If you do not arrive on the start date your scholarship will be reduced or even revoked.

Also as a scholarship holder you have to apply for a visa:  the scholarship documents issued on your name will be sufficient to obtain the visa, and you do not need a “Sperrkonto” (like in other cases ) before leaving Egypt. Please don’t forget to acquire a health insurance which is valid in Germany and a proof of this. Please book your flights in time and start searching and arranging your accommodation according to your travel dates. It is strongly recommended to book an appointment in the Bürgeramt (foreigners office) of the city you will register in (this is mandatory), at least two months in advance (online).