PhD Research Stay

PhD students from the GUC can receive DAAD funding for a research stay at a German university. The research stay can last from 6 to 24 months and usually starts in summer.
Currently the scholarship includes a one-time travel allowance of 775 € and a monthly stipend of 1200 €. The 24-month scholarship is initially granted for one year. After a positive evaluation, students can be sponsored for a further 12 months.
The scholarship is aimed at teaching assistants of the GUC and is usually announced in autumn.


The application documents for research stays in Germany consist of:

  1. CV
  2. passport copy
  3. letter of motivation
  4. description of the PhD research project
  5. invitation from a German professor stating the joint supervision of the research project
  6. Confirmation of supervision from the GUC indicating the GUC research group where the master thesis topic is located (preferably in a BMBF-funded research cooperation)
  7. Two letters of reference
  8. Copy of the master's degree certificate
  9. DAAD application form
  10. Completed and signed evaluation form