Master's Thesis in Germany

Master's students from the GUC can receive a scholarship for a six-month study stay at a German higher education institution. Only Teaching Assistants who are in the final phase of their Master's studies and would like to complete their Master's thesis in Germany can apply for funding. As of April 2023, the funding will include a one-time travel allowance of 850 € and a monthly stipend of 934 €. The scholarship is aimed at Teaching Assistants of the GUC and will be advertised in the fall via the GUC. The application deadline for scholarships for Master's theses in Germany is mid-January for stays starting in July of the same year. The applicants are informed about the outcome of the application process by the end of March.

The application documents for scholarships consist of:

✓ a CV

✓ a letter of motivation

✓ a detailed description of the planned Master's thesis topic (following the guidelines provided)

✓ two letters of reference

✓ a transcript of records

✓ a confirmation of supervision from the GUC, indicating with which GUC research group the Master's thesis topic is located (in particular, whether it is part of a BMBF-funded research collaboration)

✓ an invitation including confirmation of supervision from a German professor

✓ the DAAD application form (will be provided)

✓ a completed and signed evaluation form (will be provided)

✓ a passport copy

✓ the confirmation of enrollment as a Master student at GUC.