Where to Study in Germany

With almost 600 officially recognized universities throughout Germany, the decision where to study may be a tough one. The German University in Cairo cooperates with a number of German institutions of higher education, but traditionally it has very close bonds with the universities in Ulm, Stuttgart and Tübingen.

As a consortium, these three universities have applied for DAAD funds that aim at strengthening the research profile of the GUC. There are several scholarship opportunities for students on all levels and for research cooperations between the GUC and German partner institutions.

Ulm University

Centrally located in a city of short distances, with a multitude of cultural offers.

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Der Eingang Süd der Universität Ulm

University of Stuttgart

Shape the future and position yourself internationally through an optimal research and learning environment.

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University of Tübingen

A large community of ambitious students in the midst of a cultural and historic medieval city center.

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Other German Institutions of Higher Education

Countless different courses which are at your disposal, offered at worldwide ranked universities, with degrees that are highly regarded globally.

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