Der Eingang Süd der Universität Ulm


Ulm is small city situated between two of the biggest and most important cities in German: Munich and Stuttgart. So why choose Ulm instead of one of them?

While big cities could be exciting to explore around at the beginning, studying in a smaller city could be more beneficial, especially if it is a city like Ulm that has a lot to offer. It is situated on the banks of the river Danube, which marks the border between the German states Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. This makes it perfectly situated to visit big cities, the mountains or even lakes nearby easily. With approx. 120,000 inhabitants, Ulm is a city of short distances, but with a multitude of cultural offers.

It is also famous for its gothic minster with the world's tallest steeple and it is the birthplace of Albert Einstein.

Ranking on the 13th place of Germany's best university and on rank #2 in cited research the University of Ulm provides high quality education. Not just the education is excellent at the university, it also offers a wide range of sport activities as well as music and art.

Life as a GUC student

As a GUC exchange student you have the huge privilege of not having to worry about housing! Finding a place to stay is usually one of the hardest things you need to arrange and. Now all you have to do is sign a contract and take care of your room in the GUC dorms. It is very close to the city center (about 5 mins by foot) and 15 mins away  from university with the public transport. You can find lots of supermarkets and food stores around as well. It is a very convenient location. Please note that it is only possible to stay at the GUC dorm for non-degree seeking students. If you are studying at Ulm as a regular student, you, however, can apply for a German dorm.

Every year many GUCians come to Ulm for a German course or to do their masters or their bachelor and master theses here. They would be happy to share their experience with you and be there when needed. They have probably faced what you are worrying about and can help you further.

Another bonus you have as a GUC student is the network of Egyptians you find in Ulm (either from the GUC or others who study there regularly), who are always really easy to reach out to and would always love to help and support you when you have any issues. 

Living in the city

In Ulm it is also very easy and quick to get from one place to another and getting used to the public transport system will not take you long. There are numerous events for students throughout the year. You will hardly ever feel bored here with all the organisations and clubs you can join any time. Activities for international students include: a city rallye and a welcome party; excursions and day trips, e.g. to the Oktoberfest in Munich; swimming, skating, bowling, skiing, and much more.

So pack your bags and come to Ulm for your next adventure!