Bachelor Thesis at Ulm

General information about writing your bachelor thesis in Germany

Each year GUC’s high ranked students get the opportunity to do their bachelor project at a German partner university during their 8th semester (between February and August). The bachelor project takes three months and it can be combined with a one to three months internship that complements the bachelor thesis work and that is to be done at the same faculty as the bachelor thesis.


The minimum GPA is 2.5 and the students must be enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • Media Engineering and Technology/Computer Science
  • Media Engineering and Technology/Digital Media Engineering
  • Information Engineering and Technology/Networks
  • Information Engineering and Technology/Communication
  • Information Engineering and Technology/Electronics
  • Engineering and Materials Science/Material Engineering
  • Engineering and Materials Science/Production Engineering
  • Engineering and Materials Science/Mechatronics
  • Engineering and Materials Science/Civil Engineering
  • Engineering and Materials Science/Architecture
  • Management Technology/Business Informatics

Available topics are usually announced to eligible 7th semester students in autumn, who can hand in their application for their 3 preferred topics. The GUC forwards the applications to the German partners for acceptance. If accepted, GUC students start their travel preparations.

Alternatively, GUC students can also look for thesis supervisors individually by applying directly to professors. If accepted they have to submit their invitation and topic proposal to the GUC in order to become a so-called freemover.



travel allowance


monthly stipend

12 months

maximum duration

Students of the GUC who would like to do their bachelor thesis at Ulm University can be supported with an Erasmus scholarship. Currently, the funding includes a one-time travel allowance of 360 € and a monthly stipend of 850 €. A mobility for study purposes must be at least 3 months long to be eligible; the maximum duration is 12 months.

The grant is calculated on a daily basis. Successful achievements at Ulm University should be credited as completely as possible to the studies and the intended degree at the GUC. For this purpose, a learning agreement is concluded between the student, the partner university and the examination board of the home university. 

The GUC also awards bachelor thesis scholarships to top ranked GUC students for their stay at a German institution of higher education.